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The following are Volvik’s patent and technology.

Volvik’s Special Dual Core


Solid Inner Core, Soft Outer Layer

  • The dual core optimizes distance by transferring the power from the more solid inner core to the softer outer layer instead of transferring inertia from a soft inner core to a solid outer layer like the competition. The outer layer also reduces excess driver spin, increasing the *moment of inertia and centrifugal force, leading to more distance and more roll.


Lower weight on the Inner Core,
Increased weight on the Outer Layer

  • It is a patented technology that increases the moment of inertia by making the specific gravity of the core outward. High moment of inertia maintains the spin for a longer period during the ball flight, which creates lift generation to improve distance and also accurate control performance.


What is moment of inertia?

  • Moment of inertia is the mass property of a rigid body that determines the torque needed for a desired angular acceleration about an axis of rotation. Moment of inertia depends on the shape of the body and may be different around different axes of rotation.
    It shows the magnitude of the property of a rotating object that rotates around the axis center. Given that no external force is applied, the angular velocity becomes smaller as the moment of inertia becomes larger.

Core patent containing Bismuth metal to increase rebound resilience

  • The outer core of the golf ball that contributes a great source of power, Bismuth, is compressed in a high temperature heating treatment. Unlike normal metal, Bismuth expands 3-3.5% in volume, leading to greater energy transfer.

Zirconium Compound Cover for a longer lasting ball

  • Zirconium is the base material for ceramic and improves durability of a golf ball cover without sacrificing spin control. Volvik combines zirconium metal in the outer cover to provide exceptional spin control and durability, while the patented elastic inner cover provides an excellent putting feel and optimal spin rates.

Dimple Design according to various spherical structure

Radially Concave Dimple Patent


What are radially concave dimples?

  • It is a dimple design where radial indentations formed at regular intervals where it has the same center as the center of each circular dimple along the edge of each dimple.


Key Features

  • The circular dimples and the radially concave dimples inside increases the flight time enabling high lift, improving straightness by constant air resistance and makes traveling amazing distances possible.

볼빅의 대표특허 취득 정보

볼빅 특허 및 기술
취득연도/취득일 특허내용 취득국가 특허번호
19.JAN.1993 01. 3 Piece solid golf ball KOREA 58544
09.Feb.1993 02. 3 Piece solid golf ball USA 5184828
09.Jun.1993 03. 3 Piece solid golf ball UK 2245580
24.Jun.1993 04. Polassium ionomer KOREA 63022
15.Oct.1996 05. 432 Octahedron dimple USA 5564708
19.Nov.1996 06. 492 lcosidodecahedron dimple USA 575477
27.Feb.1997 07. 3 Piece solid golf ball JAPAN 2614791
19.Mar.1997 08. 492 lcosidodecahedron dimple KOREA 113232
22.Jul.1997 09. 432 Octahedron dimple KOREA 118673
05.Jan.1998 10. Polyurethane cover golf ball KOREA 134652
20.Jan.1998 11. 434 Multi-Octahedron dimple USA 5709618
13.Oct.1998 12. Projection inner cover golf ball USA 5820485
13.Nov.1998 13. Projection inner cover golf ball JAPAN 2849713
27.Nov.1998 14. Bismuth mixed golf ball KOREA 179447
27.Nov.1998 15. Bismuth mixed golf ball KOREA 179448
10.Dec.1998 16. 434 Multi-Octahedron dimple KOREA 182100
07.Jan.1999 17. Air channel dimple KOREA 187788
09.Mar.1999 18. Bismuth mixed golf ball USA 5879277
09.Mar.1999 19. Air channel dimple USA 5879245
02.Jul.1999 20. Projection inner cover golf ball KOREA 0222120
14.Sep.1999 21. Improved bismuth mixed golf ball USA 5952415
28.Sep.1999 22. Ring type dimple USA 5957787
17.Dec.1999 23. Zirconium cover JAPAN 3012883
12.Nov.2000 24. Air channel dimple JAPAN 3000140
16.Nov.2000 25. Ring type dimple KOREA 0281226
16.Nov.2000 26. Zirconium cover KOREA 0281227
24.Nov.2000 27. Bismuth mixed golf ball JAPAN 3132552
05.Jun.2001 28. Zirconium cover USA 6242521
03.Aug.2001 29. 지방산 Bismuth golf ball JAPAN 3217986
17.Sep.2002 30. 446 dimple USA 6450902
15.Oct.2002 31. 446 dimple KOREA 360310
18.Aug.2004 32. 다관능기를 갖는 공가교제 KOREA 446115
18.Aug.2004 32. 다관능기를 갖는 공가교제 KOREA 446115
21.Jun.2005 33. 392 DIMPLE USA 6908403
28.Jul.2005 34. 392 DIMPLE KOREA 0506196
10.Jan.2007 35. CRYSTAL COVER KOREA 69808
11.Sep.2007 36. CRYSTAL COVER USA 7267622
11.Nov.2010 37. 다층구조 골프공 KOREA 10-0995019