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The following explains the identity of the Volvik logo.

Brand Name "VOLVIK"


Unique shape of “V” and slanted logo represents Volvik Golf Ball’s power and velocity, which also symbolizes its confidence in leading the golf product market by becoming the world no. 1 golf brand

  • The Italian word ‘Volare’

    ‘Volvik’ represents the property
    of Volvik golf ball that flies with
    power and accuracy

  • Combination of the word
    ‘Victory’ and ‘Korea’

    A word representing the goddess
    of victory in Roman mythology

  • Symbolization of a soaring
    global brand

    Represents winning game,
    the best game and the best
    golf equipment

  • * Signature means that the primary logo and slogan are combined according to certain rules, and you should not arbitrarily combine the elements of each other beyond this regulation.
  • * Select appropriate signatures upon the layout and space of targeted media.
M-55 Y-100
Volvik Orange
Volvik Black
Main Color
C-100 M-70 Y-50
Volvik Blue
Volvik Gray
Sub Color
M-10 Y-15 K-45
Volvik Warm Gray
C-40 Y-100
Volvik Green
Sub Color
M-70 Y-10
Volvik Pink
C-20 Y-100
Volvik Yellow Green
Sub Color
Volvik Light Pink
M-100 Y-100 K-10
Volvik Red
Sub Color
C-35 M-40 Y-70
Volvik Gold
C-30 M-25 Y-20
Volvik Silver
Sub Color
  • * Volvik's exclusive color is used in various media and plays an important role in image transmission. Therefore, it should be used and maintained with accurate color, brightness and saturation.
  • * The color system of Volvik also has the flexibility to adapt to the application items in order to improve the communication efficiency.

Brand Identity

Logo Grid System

In case changing the logo image it can cause the mis-communication, so it is not allowed to modify logo image except any special occasion.

* The Minimum Size Regulation minsize

Symbol "Flying Fish"

The length of the ‘Flying fish’ is only limited to 25cm to 36cm. However, once it comes out of water ,it flies of 50 to 60km/h in instantaneous velocity. Flying fish sometimes flies near the surface of the sea and other times, it flies 2 to 3 meters above the surface. Longest aviation distances are 300 to 400 meters, and longest flight times are 30 to 40 seconds. When it flies, it can change the direction, by adjusting the caudal. New symbol represents flying fish’s dynamic and rising spirit with the concept of ‘Power Flying’ and ‘Smart Flying’ and this well embodies strong and accurate Volvik golf ball.

* The Minimum Size Regulation minsize


Logotype is basic elements for outside communication and is expressed with concise and understated gothic font to make a great harmony with primary logo. Using transformed logo is prohibited and please look very carefully at the use of the logo.

* The Minimum Size Regulation minsize


Emblem is one of the symbols that represents Volvik brand.
Basic style emblem shows great harmony with primary logo and modified version emblem is more decorated compare to basic style with one symbol. Depending on the layout of the applied media, proper selection of the emblem is recommended.

* Application form minsize

Sub BI

Main LOGO Volvik (VOLANS in French, representing the property of Volvik golf ball that flies with power, accuracy, and the combination of the word VICTORY, representing the goddess of victory in Roman mythology, and KOREA). In Volvik Main LOGO, the Volvik image in the world is represented by expressing the meaning of two V characters. The three-line line, which is divided into three sections that represent consistent straightness, the biggest advantage of the Volvik golf ball, and the strength of the inverse triangle, which represents a strong representation of self-confidence for dominance in the global golf goods market.

* The Minimum Size Regulation minsize